University of Wisconsin–Madison

Is a Nurse Residency Program Right for You?

Research shows that nurse residency programs improve nurse retention, lower costs and improve nurse preparedness for safe and competent practice. Traditionally available only in acute care settings, Geri-Res offers the same benefits to long-term care organizations with a residency tailored specifically to nursing in the long term care practice environment. Geri-Res curriculum is appropriate for new nursing school graduates as well as experienced nurses new to long term care.

Your Long-Term Care Nursing Workforce Solution – Easy to Implement, Easy to Access

Geri-Res is turnkey, giving you everything you need to implement a world-class geriatric care nurse residency program. Two program components, Clinical Coach and RN Resident, leverage a mentor/mentee model to create the best learning environment for new nurse success. You appoint two experienced nurses within your organization to be the Geri-Res Clinical Coaches. The Clinical Coach prepares for a mentor role by going through six learning modules. The RN Resident goes through sixteen learning modules, one a week for sixteen weeks. Each module takes about 1 hour, and is paired with exercises, quizzes, and time with the Nurse Coach. The online format means curriculum modules can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Setting New Standards for Long-Term Care Nurse Transition-to-Practice

Geri-Res addresses the transition-to-practice gap often experienced by both new graduates and experienced nurses entering a long-term care practice setting. Geri-Res RN Residents learn geriatric care best practices, problem solving techniques, and communication strategies. Geri-Res Nurse Coaches learn how to successfully mentor new staff. Organizations using Geri-Res immediately begin to see improvements in nurse knowledge, confidence, and job satisfaction.

World Class Education for Long-Term Care Nurses

Logo for School of Nursing on blue wallThe Center for Aging Research and Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing has worldwide recognition as a leader in developing innovative methods for improving the quality of care for older adults. Geri-Res translates current evidence into relevant and accessible workforce solutions for the contemporary long term care practice setting, bridging research and practice.